ArvzApp is the App that knows WussUp! Find out what’s going on around you and be the first to know about special deals from your favorite restaurants or venues? ArvzApp is a digital platform for businesses to advertise and reach their customers in REALTIME with lighting fast speed! Users can see what is going on around them right away and watch live streaming video of their favorite destinations and venues.
Search for your business and verify you are its rightful owner. Begin creating your custom business profile by uploading your photos, videos, menus and specials! You will then be able to send real time notifications to your customers that have favorited you about all of your specials, deals and promos. Be sure to let your customers know you are using ArvzApp to promote your business so they may download ArvzApp and get notified when you have cool stuff to promote.
Download ArvzApp for FREE from The Apple Store or Google Play. Follow the prompts to initiate your account. Search your favorite places and businesses and checkout their profile page that has all of their information. Be sure to “favorite” the business by tapping the yellow star to turn it green.
ArvzApp is more than finding deals and specials! Explore live streaming video feeds by tapping the Camera Icon (bottom lower left) on the Main Navigation bar within ArvzApp and watch what’s happening in REAL TIME on a variety of Live Cam feeds! Don’t forget to share the app, pictures, video streaming, menus and more! Just click the share button and share away!
You can opt out of specific venues by accessing your Favorites Page by tapping the Star Icon in the Main Navigation Bar. This is where all of your favorites reside. Switch views to the Banner Mode by tapping the Center Icon in the top yellow bar. This changes your favorites list to Banner Mode. Swipe left on any venues you do not want to receive notifications from and delete them form the list by tapping the Remove Flag that appears to the right of the banner. This action will cancel any future notifications from a deleted venue. You may add any venue back to Favorites by visiting their profile page and tapping the yellow Favorites Star within the Black and Yellow Icons.
Search for your favorite businesses and visit their Profile Page. Scroll down to locate the Black and Yellow Icons and tap the yellow Favorite Star to illuminate it to green. You will now be the first to know of real time deals and specials from all of the locations you have favorited.
For the Business Owner: Log into the ArvzApp Business Admin portal at Scroll down to locate the Promotions Section and select Add Promotion. After you have uploaded your promo(s) click the toggle to the ON position for the promos you’d like to advertise. Once active, all of your customers that have favorited your business will automatically receive the alert.
Launch ArvzApp to the default landing page. Go to search bar and enter the city you will be visiting, or would like to visit. Click search and the app will reconfigure itself as if you are actually in that city or town.
You can find most any business on ArvzApp. Tap on the Search Icon (Magnifying Glass) at the bottom of the Home Page and enter the business you are searching for in the prompt dialog box. You may also tap on any of the twelve colored Category Icons for a Quick Search Shortcut. You may refine your search by using the search filters located on the Search Page. If you want to apply a search within a different city than you are located in, simply enter the city in the location prompt dialog box at the bottom of the homepage to change locations. You may now freely search and explore within the desired destination.
Tap the Settings Icon (Gear) located at the bottom right of main navigation bar within the ArvzApp. Tap on INTERESTS and toggle your preferred interests on/off from the category list.